The Drive4College program approaches the Commercial Truck Driver Shortage issue with a solution addressing the interdependence of all stakeholders including the following:

  1. Government, and Corporate Executives just now becoming aware of the magnitude of this business exposure,

  2. Candidates seeking a well paying job that can become their 21st century career, and/or act as a stepping stone in obtainment of same,

  3. Candidates seeking a college education through an approach that will guarantee a well paying job, underwrite their college degree, and provide executive mentoring to insure the degree they seek aligns with that required by jobs the participating firms continuously hire for,

  4. Candidates seeking a well paying job that also provides a means by way of their truck driving obligation, to have their existing student loan debt paid/forgiven, and an executive mentor to assist in alignment of the education they already obtained with available jobs the participating firms continuously hire for,

  5. Government & Education that are currently wrestling with a $1.36 Trillion debt bubble created by student loans taken out by academic candidates for jobs that either did not exist, and/or provided wages much less than required to maintain a minimal quality of life while paying back the student loan debt burden,

  6. Government/States that would like to generate jobs for local/regional economies with a focus on the dislocated work force,

  7. Nation/Region looking at any means to increase safety for all drivers throughout the country as trucking fleets move more product with less manpower, 

  8. Nation/Region needing to stay ahead of a potential commercial driver “Vetting” problem that  produces greater exposure to consequences from “Drug & Human Trafficking, and Terrorism”,

  9. Truck drivers that would like to provide a gift of a college scholarship to a family member (e.g. son, daughter, grandchild etc..), through a well paying 21st century career of truck driving, 

  10. Corporations that at the national, regional, or local level have a growing reliance on a shrinking supply of available commercial truck drivers, with no existing solution to  rising costs & business exposure related to recruiting, retention, salaries etc… 

  11. Corporations with transportation requirements that could be impacted by the Driver Shortage Ripple Effect forecasted for 1st Quarter of 2017,

  12. Corporations with “NO” existing remedy to the commercial truck driver shortage as all across-the-board incentives are found to be lacking,

  13. Nation looking to minimize safety, security, business, and economic consequence if this issue is not resolved.