Project Mechanics

Project mechanics include MARC3 engaging:

  • Members of the U.S. Senate for federal resource assistance & support.

  • Governor’s relative to state resource assistance & support tied to respective state initiatives of transportation, education, economic, and workforce development. Insuring pilots alignment with states “Freight System Plans”.

  • Presidents of Community Colleges & Universities for program curriculum alignment, and resource assistance & support.

  • Corporations, and respective strategic partners, to understand exact transportation configuration including modal requirements (e.g. commercial truck driver need etc…), and all/any related costs (e.g.recruiting-retention, reengineering costs etc..).

  • Corporations, schools, and government to obtain underwriting for costs of scholarship/education to be provided driver candidate.

  • Corporations, schools, and government to stand up pilots.

  • Corporations, schools, and government on coordinated marketing campaigns providing outreach to driver candidates who want an advanced education, or creative way to pay off incurred student loan debt. Candidates to include dislocated U.S. Veterans, Millennials etc..

  • Corporations, schools, and government to develop required controls to insure success, and measure “Tangible & Intangible” benefits.

  • Corporations, schools, and government on addressing specific hiring requirements (e.g. driving experience etc..) of candidate for corporate client.

  • Strategic Sourcing & Placement services will be managed to insure a continual flow of driver candidates, and job placement for those drivers completing their degree.

  • A continual evaluation of the program to include partnering firms offering service & product that can be leveraged.

  • Insurance Companies Involvement to address:

    • Driver Hiring Restrictions

    • Insurance rates

    • Strategy Options

MARC3 will also oversee the development of an business assessment for each pilot participant (e.g. corporations, schools, and state-federal government) to quantify the tangible, and intangible risks, and benefits in the creation of a self sustainable pool of commercial truck driver candidates. The business assessment to be developed as a tool to be used for capital investment decision, with measurable and quantifiable returns.