Driver Mentorship

MARC3 approach of tying Executive Mentorship to a career development stepping stone process where truck driver candidates are provided a college scholarship, or existing student loan debt paid back for their agreement to drive a truck for a corporate employer. 

Interestingly, the presidential debates continuously cite the significant student loan crisis that is a consequence of students taking out education loans for jobs that were either non-existent, and/or were not paying required salaries to just pay off the loan obligations. Where was the advisory involvement of schools, government, and/or companies for those students who incurred this debt?

Our program not only guarantees jobs, but a corporate mentoring program insuring alignment of the college degree/education, and career the driver candidate is obtaining-seeking with available corporate jobs within the firm/industry the driver candidate will be working for. The mentorship program to include continuous monitoring/feedback to all involved driver candidates, hiring corporations, schools, and involved government entities.

Job creation is key, and this effort will accomplish that in a uniquely manageable, and measurable approach utilizing a model providing a continual benchmark of realized value to include tangible, and intangible benefits.

What we are proposing is to offer an incentive of a college education to those interested in obtaining same, and as a prerequisite they must drive a truck for a predetermined period of time. The firms hiring these driver candidates will guarantee a driver job, and in coordination with participating schools, provide ongoing mentorship of the driver toward a potential career within the hiring firm/industry, and directly aligned with the education the driver obtains while driving a truck.

Driver candidates do not have to agree to a college education if they do not want one. They can opt for a scholarship to be provided a family member, or as a means to underwrite their own education to then use as a stepping stone to a career within the hiring firm/industry.